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Understanding your toes is the first step to understanding who you really are.

Each toe indicates a different aspect of your life: Your destiny, communication style, how you handle anger, passion, relationships, addictions and security. In addition, different areas of your feet represent the health of various parts of your body, internal organs as well as the emotional links to each organ. Once your toes and feet expose the subconscious you and you accept the core of who you think you are and the junk you have inherited, you can then start the journey toward enriching your life.

Now you can be able to take control, reshape your feet and your future. Learn the secrets behind the toe transformations that will improve the quality of your life, your relationships and your whole well being.

Once you understand the language of the toes, feet and body, you can use them as biofeedback tools to create change in your life.

  • Are you too direct when you speak? Learn how to change your toes so you will think before you speak.
  • Are you living up to your potential? Learn which toe will help you to unleash your potential.
  • Are you having problems in your relationships? Learn which toe will help you to straighten your relationships out.
  • Are you selecting the wrong mate? Learn which toes to check on your mate to insure that they are straightforward, monogamous and the perfect person for you.
  • Do you get side tracked easily? Learn how to keep yourself focused.

These are just a few things that you will learn through a full Perscentoelogy™ session.